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So easy - your procedures at your finger tips!

Get your business procedures

off the shelf and into daily use

Calling all business owners wanting to turn their ‘job’ into a ‘business’! Corporate Knowledge Pty Ltd can help free you from the day to day grind in your business by creating and documenting systems and procedures that your staff can follow without your presence. We help business owners to retire, prepare their businesses for sale, revive that business owner dream or simply get their life back.

Interested? We meet or teleconference with every potential new client to assess their needs and provide a proposal with two options – a complete headache remover solution and a budget conscious option where you do some of the work to save money. Give us a call on (07) 3102 9685 or email info@corporateknowledge.com.au to organise your obligation free assessment and proposal.

In the meantime, here are some of the things we do for businesses:

1. Knowledgebase installation and setup

Imagine all of your business procedures, instructions, systems and policies all in one central place, online. A Knowledgebase gives you the ability to update your procedures in real time, search for information quickly and easily, and develop a comprehensive resource so that all your staff in every location have all the info they need to do their jobs and serve your customers.

  • Empower staff to act independently
  • Stop reinventing the wheel
  • Record vital business information
  • Reduce costly mistakes from undertrained staff
  • Retain valuable business knowledge when key staff leave
  • Identify processes used by top performers and replicate them across your business
  • Get procedures off the shelf and into daily use
  • Prepare your business for sale or franchising

Our documentation experts work with you to design a structure for documenting your systems, and a list of suggested procedures for your organisation. We train your staff to write your own documentation and use your system so you can create and continue to update your procedures. Your knowledgebase will be branded with your company’s logo and colours, and hosting is included at no charge for the first year to ensure easy setup.

A Knowledgebase was previously the domain of large corporate businesses with in-house IT departments and big budgets. Our many satisfied customers will report that this kind of technology is now affordable and accessible to almost every business including SMEs. For more information, prices and an obligation free assessment please contact us.

Corporate Knowledge Knowledgebases are ideal for:

  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Businesses experiencing or planning for growth
  • Businesses preparing to sell or franchise
  • Businesses looking to modernise and streamline their processes
  • Anyone wanting to safeguard valuable business knowledge

2. Writing procedures for your business

Our documentation experts will work in your business to document one or all aspects of your operations to a standard that they could be performed by a new employee with no knowledge of your business. We can work with everyone from business owners to new employees. We can help prepare your business for sale or retirement, or assist in situations where you have lost a staff member and need to recover the knowledge they had. You control the costs by selecting an hourly rate or a fixed price for the work you want done.

3. Add-on modules available

We can also provide fully customised add-on modules prepared by
experts in their field:

  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures covering topics such as work-life balance, company property, workplace surveillance, personal phone calls at work, pay and superannuation, teleworking, work related expenses, uniforms, appearance and hygiene, employee input, leave entitlements, education assistance, redundancy, staff discounts, learning and development, probation, performance appraisals, disclosure of personal records, anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunities, workplace harassment bullying victimization sexual harassment, drugs and alcohol, smoking, email and internet, blogging, MP3, music headsets and handheld games, phones and instant messaging, mobile phones, motor vehicles, grievances, workplace health & safety, first aid, code of conduct, recruitment and selection, relocation, induction policy, and emergency evacuations.

  • Information Technology including networking, printer set ups, basic trouble shooting
  • Food safety including compliance with HACCP