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We believe that
good procedures
are the foundation for business success

Corporate Knowledge

Some of the most successful brands in the world ' McDonalds, Ikea, Walmart ' are famous for their procedures. Best selling business books such as The E-Myth talk about using procedures and systems to create a more successful, replicable business.

If you spend time analysing successful businesses, you will notice a common theme in all of them ' documented, accessible, up-to-date procedures that are used by all staff on a daily basis. Corporate Knowledge Pty Ltd can provide you with the technology and expertise to get your business organised, make more time in your day, prepare your business for sale or semi-retirement, insure against staff turnover, and turn your procedures into a living document rather than a folder gathering dust on a shelf.

Corporate Knowlege Pty Ltd provides assistance to small businesses, charities, large companies and government organisations to create procedures, templates and checklists and operate more efficiently. We help businesses to stop reinventing the wheel, reduce costs, and retain the most valuable asset of all ' knowledge ' when critical staff leave. More importantly, Corporate Knowledge Pty Ltd documents a true and often overlooked asset in your business - your business knowledge and processes.

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